Intuition Smart Class

Intuition Smart Class is a product of Techno Teaching Info Solution Pvt. Ltd. Our contant are clubbed under two brands. Intuition for Junior Class & Adhayan for senior class. Built with years of research by a group of eminent teachers from various schools under different Boards and professionals with the sole aim of making “Learning” a joyful experience for students through animations, live demonstration, interactive practice sessions with concept map and references. It enhances the retention and absorption power of the student to a great extend through audio visual mode of learning there by reducing the chance of failure. It also helps the teachers in imparting education in an effective manner by taking the help of various tools of learning. It brings uniformity in the process of learning.

Switching from traditional textbook to digitized multimedia based course material, providing advantages for faculties and students bringing better interactivity between them. Digital classroom has revolutionized modern school education.

How it works:

* A centrally installed server carries contents for every class and every subject.
* The teacher can access the contents straight from the server, on their respective classroom smart boards.
* The smart boards can be easily played/paused/ forwarded and backtracked.
* Can switch over or jump to next/previous files, in search of a particular chapter of any subject.
* For any technical problem, trained hardware and software professionals are available round the clock.

Technology used in Smart class

The digital classroom uses sophisticated hardware infrastructure that includes Projectors, Interactive Smart board, Server, Computer, Speakers, UPS etc. along with multi-media contents (2D/3D animation and video connectivity).

Hardware Requirement

* Minimum Hardware requirement for Class rooms.
* The solution is compatible with even higher OS version also (OS: XP-SP3, Win Vista, Win7, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10)
* Expensive high-end Server is not required.

Software features

* The content consists of Audio-Visual Lessons in 2D and 3D.
* User friendly Software.
* Class wise content description and advancement from time to time.
* Test module which can be customized from time to time as per the schools' requirement.
* Teacher may share the question setup as per their requirement.
* Reference tools, Concept Map, Simulation, Playtime, Practise exercise, Glossary and Assessment.
* Reference soft copy of NCERT text book is available with the software.
* Software is completely offline based.
* Principal can assess analytical graph of the teacher from server at any point of time.
* Board wise course content available.

Software Performence

* A central server installed in the school ,stores/carries all contents for every class.
* The smart boards can easily be played /paused.
* Can move/jump to a particular chapter or go to next/previous file/chapter.
* 24x7 hardware and software professionals are available for any technical assistance/support.

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