Online VC Class

We are the pioneer in the field of propagating education by means of video conferencing.

We have obtained a copy right in the process of providing online teaching through video conferencing. Here the teacher teaches and interacts with the students in far flung areas on real time basis from a particular point mainly a studio. It helps in bridging the digital divide by bringing about equity in the methodology and way of teaching in all the schools and institutions connected under the system.

Video Collaboration without Limits

Our VC Solution provides award-winning video conferencing software to connect together desktops, mobiles, phones, H.323/SIP endpoints and much more across your organization.

Tens of thousands of companies around the world trust us. VC solutions are powered by 100% scalable software infrastructure and available as an on-premises server and a set of client applications for all popular platforms like windows, Linux, android, IOS.

Easy-to-use software for rooms that turns regular Windows PC or Android-based Smart TV into video conferencing endpoint. Features rich branding and customization opportunities.

We provide digital live real time interactive smart class through video conferencing with zero tolerance i.e no jerk. Our Technology is totally software based having high reliability.

Intuition Smartclass

Key Advantages

* VC Class Solutions makes MCUs obsolete. The scalable video coding approach eliminates the need for transcoding of multipoint conferences and dramatically reduces infrastructure costs.
* VC Class Solution can host hundreds of conferences and thousands of users on a regular PC. Server instances can be joined together to scale infinitely.
* Support for UltraHD video conferencing. You can finally make use of fancy 4K screen or video wall in VC class room.
* VC Server runs autonomously within the company’s network (LAN, WAN or Private Network). You have complete control over your communications. In addition, all communications are encrypted using AES.

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